Meet your coach Kye

Hi, I am Kye Sun Rose. I am dedicated to birthing Love Warriors!


As A spiritual teacher, I am passionate about sharing my gift of ceremony and Native American teachings to help transform and heal your life, your soul, your emotional body, and your physical body. I use the power of prayer and connection with your Divine Source/Self to facilitate healing, allowing faster, easier and deeper transformation. As a multidimensional energy healer, I use my connection with the divine to allow the oneness to know and heal what you as a multidimensional individual need. 

In 1998, I became a student of Native American Ceremony following the Lakota traditions. I am a Pipe carrier and participate in Sweat Lodge, Vision Quest, and Sundance. I have Sundanced 15 years at the Rosebud Reservation in South Dakota. 

Since 2014, I have offered a weekly Spirit Horse Healing Pipe Ceremony to guide others in healing their life through prayer, sacred song, and drumming. In 2020 during the pandemic, I performed 100 consecutive nights of prayer followed by 3 times per week to help people cope through prayer. In this sacred ceremony, I guide others on how to make a prayer that will manifest in their life. 

In 2014 I became an Ignite your Power coach using tapping (emotional freedom technique) to heal the chakras.  I finally found love and acceptance of my body and where I was in my life. I felt joy and happiness, I felt peace and calm. I also finally felt love for myself and my body. I was then able to heal many core issues and transform myself gently and easily. It was then I realized I was guided by the Energy of Love to shift others to heal and transform thus creating the Love Warrior Project.  

In 2016, I became an advanced facilitator in Evolutionary Mystic Meditation (EMM) which guides you to experience your Fully Embodied, Fully Enlightened Self thru tapping. I was finally able to stop living in overwhelm and busyness. Procrastination and self-doubt ruled my life. Through prayer, EMM, and tapping I was able to find courage and confidence to finally leave my Dermatology Practice of 26 years as a Physician Assistant and become an energy healer, as Reiki master and golden light healer, a spiritual and personal development coach, and a ceremonial leader teaching others how to pray effectively and powerfully. 

My goal in life is for you to feel completely loved and blessed for who you are and to truly know that Love is what will bring you joy, gentleness, and the power to manifest your best life. Through the Love Warrior Project, I help you find and live your life's purpose that aligns with your heart and the power of love within you. 

I believe healing at your core can be accomplished with gentleness and ease through the power of Divine Love and Ceremony so you can become a Love Warrior who is guided by and powered through Love, Compassion, and Grace. 

As we heal and transform more Love Warriors, the Earth will shift from a place of Pain, Struggle, Lack, and Fear to a place where we live in Peace, Gentleness, and Oneness where Joy, Compassion, and Love fuel our actions, words, and future existence. 


A talk on Unconditional Love on Planetary Peace, Power, Prosperity TV! 

Kye performed the White Buffalo ceremony in the presence of the very rare white buffalo and her calf.

The Spirit Horse Healing Pipe Ceremony is a sacred Lakota ceremony of prayer and song.

Kye performs this ceremony weekly on Sunday at 8 pm EST. She gives you the opportunity to make a prayer for your life and for your loved ones and the world. The ceremony includes sacred Lakota songs, drumming, and prayer.

Spirit Horse Healing Pipe Ceremony 

A sacred Lakota ceremony to make a prayer for healing for you, others, and the world. 

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